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How To Overcome Fear Of Public Speaking?

There are some students, who feel in speaking in front of the public. Nervousness can create a major negative impact on one’s credibility and also hamper efforts in achieving the major goals associated with education. In order to manage fear associated with public speaking, the first step is to identify the root cause of the problem. It is important to understand that brain cannot identify the difference between a real and imagined threat is certainly the first step in overcoming fear. This particular awareness can assist in managing the “false alarm” which occurs when there is an absence of real danger. The main objective is to fight fear and it must be interrupted immediately with a quick response. Once the student will learn to manage their fear, there would not be a major problem for them. It can be useful as they would undertake efforts to complete their assignments. Under such a situation, students can surely opt for assignment help price. In the paragraphs below, some of the key steps would be discussed which students can undertake in order to overcome fear of Public Speaking.



  1. Questions can be reframed

Whenever the person is worried, he or she will have a tendency in asking oneself negative questions. This particular form of self-talk is like throwing a gasoline in the room to light fire. It is an act that only increases anxiety. The negative thoughts need to be replaced by positive thoughts. An inspiration from other people who are confident can be even taken as an example. In this way, any kind of negative question will be automatically framed into positive questions. 

  1. Maximum practice is needed

No matter how much command the student may be having over a presentation material, but it is necessary for him or her to have a maximum number of practice in order to avoid being sloppy while presenting. The situation of the presentation can be challenging and students can be mentally prepared only when they will undergo regular practice.

  1. The proper sequence of the slides needs to be there

It is important for the students to remain aware of the sequence of the slides that they need to present. It helps in having good control of the material that must be presented. The credibility of the student can suffer if he or she will not have good command on the material that they need to present. Once they will be able to demonstrate their reputation as being credible, they would then be able to boost their confidence along with reducing their anxiety and fear of failing as well.

  1. A backup slide must be there having answers

One obvious reason, because of which many students fear presentation is that they will be asked questions by the panel comprising of experts. They should not get caught off guard under such a scenario and they must prepare a backup slide in order to use it for assistance while presenting. In this way, fear-related feelings will be countered.

  1. Presentation needs to be visualised

Visualisation is considered to be an important skill. It provides a good opportunity for the students in rehearsing anything that they need to practice. It is a famous saying that “imagination is much important than knowledge”.  

  1. Some deep breaths need to be taken

This particular simple advice does not need a lot of emphases. While feeling nervous, the student can surely take a deep breath in order to keep themselves calm and concentrate on their presentation. This can be repeated few times, once a strong command is there.

All these steps can surely enable any student to overcome their fear of public speaking and be in a good position to give a flawless presentation.   

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